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Kootenia Electric Coop Selects SCADA Nexus for the New Beck Substation

12/30/2013 – Today Kootenai Electric Coop selected and issued a PO for the SCADA Nexus system to be installed at the new Beck Substation. This substation is a close copy of the recently started up Julia Street sub ( see other tab). KEC will be issuing an additional PO to RAI for start up assistance

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Loup Valleys NE Fires Up First Substations SCADA System for 2 Sites

12/18/2013 – Today marked a BIG DAY in the operation of Loup Valleys electric distribution system – SCADA made it’s debut!  For the first time since the utilities inception “windshield time” was not required to know the status of systems within the substation.  Using SCADA Nexus each company employee with proper credentials could now securely

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