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SCADANexus Technology Included in the NR 14-24 ENBPA Demand Response Pilot

Under an agreement announced today, EN will develop a 19-megawatt demand response pilot project by 2015. The contract allows Energy Northwest to add additional demand response resources up to a total of 25 megawatts. “This agreement furthers the Energy Northwest vision to be the region’s leader in power generation and energy solutions through sustained excellence

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High West Energy Cooperative Selects SCADANexus for the Warren AFB

 7/28/2014  – Warren AFB located in Cheyenne, WY, part of High West Energy Cooperative, selects SCADANexus for the base distribution SCADA.


Three Sisters Irrigation Dist Selects SCADANexus to Power Controls & Alarms

7/28/2014  – Three Sisters Irrigation District selects SCADANexus to power controls and alarms for the Water Dist Stream Diversion upgrades.


Offering Low Cost C3-Ilex User Upgrades

 7/28/2014  – SCADANexus offers low cost upgrades for C3-Ilex users.  This upgrade provides life extension for RTUs and existing communication systems.  Contact for more details, 509-466-1894 or


SCADANexus Cloud Server Upgrade 3.6 Now Available

2/17/2014  – The newest version of SCADANexus Cloud Server was announced today.  This version upgrade is required to support the latest versions of the SCADANexus Gateways, adds support for “Real-Time Trending” of any displayed point value on a dashboard, adds enhancements to the Alarm/Alert features and a host of other combined upgrades for response times.

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SNOPUD Starts Up the Fish Trap Monitoring System

1/26/2014 – Snohomish County PUD again launched their fish trap into the river today to assist in counting the new salmon hatch heading to the ocean.  This year the mechanism has a new monitoring feature to let the operating staff know the trap mechanism has stopped turning.  That happens if debris fails to pass thru

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Kootenia Electric Coop Selects SCADA Nexus for the New Beck Substation

12/30/2013 – Today Kootenai Electric Coop selected and issued a PO for the SCADA Nexus system to be installed at the new Beck Substation. This substation is a close copy of the recently started up Julia Street sub ( see other tab). KEC will be issuing an additional PO to RAI for start up assistance

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Loup Valleys NE Fires Up First Substations SCADA System for 2 Sites

12/18/2013 – Today marked a BIG DAY in the operation of Loup Valleys electric distribution system – SCADA made it’s debut!  For the first time since the utilities inception “windshield time” was not required to know the status of systems within the substation.  Using SCADA Nexus each company employee with proper credentials could now securely

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Central City Electric Utilities in Nebraska Selects SCADA Nexus to Meter & Monitor it’s New Substation

11/5/2013 – Today Sid Lewis, Electric Superintendent, authorized the purchase of SCADA Nexus hardware and metering systems for the new substation being energized in the summer of 2014.  The project also includes upgrades to metering and monitoring in the South Sub associated with installing hi-speed network communications from the local cable supplier at that location.

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Energy Northwest’s Packwood Hydroelectric Project Intake SCADA System Start Up

10/1/2013 – Energy Northwest’s Packwood Hydro Electric Project was originally installed with an unshielded  5.5 mile long buried 25 pair communication cable between the generation facility and the Packwood Lake Intake facility.  The  cable was for direct hardwired indication and control of the various functions at the Intake from the generating facility in the town

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