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Central City Electric Utilities in Nebraska Selects SCADA Nexus to Meter & Monitor it’s New Substation

11/5/2013 – Today Sid Lewis, Electric Superintendent, authorized the purchase of SCADA Nexus hardware and metering systems for the new substation being energized in the summer of 2014.  The project also includes upgrades to metering and monitoring in the South Sub associated with installing hi-speed network communications from the local cable supplier at that location.

The SCADA Nexus hardware will be installed in custom UL enclosures and includes CT termination enclosures with shorting blocks for safe handling of CT circuits on utility equipment.

The start up and checkout assistance by RAI is to be authorized spring of 2014 and will cover revisions to the existing SCADA nexus systems in two substation as well as the new substation for Central City, NE.