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Electrical Power

SCADA Nexus provides Situational Awareness across a variety of industries, bringing control to the mobile workforce and operational management to a new level previously unattainable.

Substation & Distribution Automation – Demand Management/Load Control

Power SCADA Nexus provides real time secure access to Generation, Substation, and Distribution operations while meeting the security requirements of today. Utilizing modern technologies, SCADA Nexus makes it easy to remotely track the status of your assets in the field, without having to physically travel to them. Implementing DA, DR and Load Control can have a great impact on operational costs and rates. Check out the simplicity with which SCADA Nexus can provide solutions for utility needs.

Accessed through a secure web browser on any PC, Laptop, Smart phone, tablets or iPads, users can view real-time data on reports and dashboards. This enables operators to actively monitor and take corrective actions for nearly any event, improving response times, and reducing outage time for customers. Through the use of roles and privileges, control can be enabled for the specific user/operators while detailed operational logs allow for complete after-action-review of events. Speaking of “Events” all SEL events are automatically retrieved and made available for analysis minutes after the event occurs. No more extensive, expensive, and risky windshield time to retrieve reports while customers wait.

For a white paper on how SCADA Nexus can benefit your operation, read the Kootenai Electric success story.