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SCADA Nexus provides Situational Awareness across a variety of industries,bringing control to the mobile workforce and operational management to a new level previously unattainable. Below is a short introduction to the possibilities for Power, Water, Agriculture and Oil & Gas.

Electrical Power

Power Distribution – Substation & Distribution Automation – Demand Management/Load Control

Power SCADA Nexus provides real time secure access to Generation,  Substation, and Distribution operations while meeting the security requirements of today. Utilizing modern technologies, SCADA Nexus makes it easy to remotely track the status of your assets in the field, without having to physically travel to them. Implementing DA, DR and Load Control can have a great impact on operational costs and rates.  Check out the simplicity with which SCADA Nexus can provide solutions for utility needs.

Accessed through a secure web browser on any PC, Laptop, Smart phone, tablets  or iPads, users can view real-time data on reports and dashboards. This enables operators to actively monitor and take corrective actions for nearly any event, improving response times, and reducing outage time for customers. Through the use of roles and privileges, control can be enabled for the specific user/operators while detailed operational logs allow for complete after-action-review of events.  Speaking of “Events” all SEL events are automatically retrieved and made available for analysis minutes after the event occurs.  No more extensive, expensive, and risky windshield time to retrieve reports while customers wait.

For a white paper on how SCADA Nexus can benefit your operation, read the Kootenai Electric success story.



Water – Pump Control & Status, Tank Monitoring

WaterWater assets are often distributed over a wide geographical area to accommodate the requirements of moving that water to different parts of the city or county. Which can mean lots of travel time and possible cost savings. SCADA Nexus enables customers to not only automate the data collection of these remote assets, but provide that data – in context – to operators for efficient operations.

Field assets, such as pumps or tanks, provide data through SCADA Nexus to the Cloud Server where it can be accessed by a web browser on any PC, Laptop, Smart phone, tablet or iPad. This eliminates the need to make rounds to manually collect data from meters and pump stations. The flexibility of the SCADA Nexus solution means building expensive infrastructure to remote locations is no longer necessary, especially when you can rely on existing infrastructure such as Cellular networks.

For more information on how SCADA Nexus can benefit your operation, read the Westlands Water District success story.



Agriculture – Flow, Pressure, and Control

irrigationAgricultural fields can cover a vast area – managing the equipment and irrigation schedules can be a daunting task. SCADA Nexus makes it easier to monitor not only water flow and equipment status, the available reports make it easy to track what areas of the fields have received how much water over the past few weeks.

Utilizing cellular infrastructure, SCADA Nexus can provide real-time irrigation data to your mobile device – literally in the field. Reports and dashboards provide a quick and easy view on which areas active and how much water has been used that day, week or month. You can even turn on and off your irrigation equipment from the opposite side of the field. No more manually turning the valves.

This ability to monitor and control assets in real time allows customers to provide the optimal levels of water to specific crops, increasing yields, conserving water, and making the most of your time.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas – Remote Well Monitoring, Reporting Production

OilMonitoring and maintaining remote oil wells can be a time consuming and costly activity. Using SCADA Nexus, customers can automate the manual process of data collection – freeing up time for engineers to focus on other projects, and cutting down on transportation and vehicle maintenance costs. Since SCADA Nexus uses cloud technology, decision makers can view production reports anywhere, at any time. Reports can be viewed via a secure web browser from a PC or any smart mobile device. Real time data enables Operators can receive important alarms on their mobile devices, improving reaction time to potentially serious incidents.

In addition, the flexible communications methods employed by SCADA Nexus enable it to meet the most difficult to reach locations. Whether it’s Satellite, Cellular or Radio, SCADA Nexus can make the most effective use of available bandwidth improving visibility to those hard to reach places.