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Oil & Gas

SCADA Nexus provides Situational Awareness across a variety of industries, bringing control to the mobile workforce and operational management to a new level previously unattainable.

Remote Well Monitoring, Reporting Production

OilMonitoring and maintaining remote oil wells can be a time consuming and costly activity. Using SCADA Nexus, customers can automate the manual process of data collection – freeing up time for engineers to focus on other projects, and cutting down on transportation and vehicle maintenance costs. Since SCADA Nexus uses cloud technology, decision makers can view production reports anywhere, at any time. Reports can be viewed via a secure web browser from a PC or any smart mobile device. Real time data enables Operators can receive important alarms on their mobile devices, improving reaction time to potentially serious incidents.

In addition, the flexible communications methods employed by SCADA Nexus enable it to meet the most difficult to reach locations. Whether it’s Satellite, Cellular or Radio, SCADA Nexus can make the most effective use of available bandwidth improving visibility to those hard to reach places.