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SCADANexus Cloud Server Upgrade 3.6 Now Available

2/17/2014  – The newest version of SCADANexus Cloud Server was announced today.  This version upgrade is required to support the latest versions of the SCADANexus Gateways, adds support for “Real-Time Trending” of any displayed point value on a dashboard, adds enhancements to the Alarm/Alert features and a host of other combined upgrades for response times.

This upgrade is being offered to all customers currently hosting IED’s with the Cloud Server for upgrade labor costs only.  Typically the upgrade takes 10 man-hours of labor to accomplish unless your specific version has custom reports or functions.  Then we can quote a specific upgrade value.  There are no license fees or other costs associated with this upgrade to our supported clients.

To obtain your upgrade please contact your favorite technical support team member for entry on to the list.  Feel free to use cell phone, email, messaging or what ever to let us know.

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