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SEL EVE Auto-Retrieved

HIS, EVE, SEQ Reports without Travel, Extensive Time Delays, or Direct-Connections to Relays

Using a SCADA Nexus Gateway connected to SEL products automatic retrieval of history, event and sequence of events reports are “pushed” into the SCADA Nexus Cloud Server.  Qualified users may securely download the reports for review and evaluation.  The upload to the Cloud Server occurs within seconds of each event.  This solution eliminates the need to manually connect to each relay via the front-panel port and retrieve reports after an event occurs.

The various reports are available on the Cloud Server within minutes of creation and allow unprecedented availability of the critical event data to engineers evaluating the situation following an event.  The reports are completely compatible with SEL evaluation software once downloaded to an engineers computer.  The following demonstrates the ease of access to available reports from an SEL 734 power metering product.  A segment of the Eve report dated 1/20/2011 is also shown. All SEL Devices with HIS, EVE or SEQ capabilities are supported.



Partial Downloaded EVE Report