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Solution Benefits

Situational Awareness, Event Review & System Control
  • Automates data collection and deposits into a SQL data base for historical uses
  • Retrieves event reports from SEL products automatically and data bases the reports for immediate after-action analysis. View Sample Report
  • Automatically discovers DNP and 2179 data points and significantly reduces DNP and 2179 deployments costs
  • Interfaces with all the major PLC and their protocols for fast & easy deployment
  • IT friendly using out-bound push connections only (no in-bound connections or polling)
  • As an option the system can be Delivered fully configured (no special engineering required)
  • Based upon established network standards technology, using all available security protocols
  • Made & supported in the USA
  • Easily connects to existing systems (e.g. Historians, SCADA & Devices)
  • Minimizes the in-house IT infrastructure impact
  • Enables mobile smart phone access to real-time information across operations
  • Enables simple secure remote access of assets (SSRA) for reconfiguration using 3rd party software
Flexible “In” Connections
  • Serial, Ethernet, USB, etc.
  • Wide-range of supported protocols available
  • Modbus, DNP, SEL, OPC, etc.
  • OEM-specific configurations (available upon request)
Flexible “Out” Communication
  • LAN, Cellular, Satellite or Radio Network
  • Secure client/server architecture
  • SSL connection / Encrypted data transfer
Client Dashboards
  • Personalized client data presentation
  • View data on any web browser device (PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet, iPad, ect.)
  • Secure username/password access
  • View historical/trending/real-time data
  • Alerts & alarms via text message or email