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Kootenai Electric Cooperative

Located in Hayden, Idaho, Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Inc. (KEC) is a member-owned electric utility providing power to more than 22,000 customers over nearly 2,000 miles of electric line. As the largest electric cooperative in Idaho, KEC faces the challenge of optimizing production through effective energy monitoring.

With only 75 employees and 3 different counties to cover, KEC needed a monitoring solution that would seamlessly integrate with existing systems to provide mobile access of data for engineers and operators. SCADANexus was the vendor of choice for speed of deployment and integration flexibility. SCADANexus was installed at 11 substation sites and seamlessly integrated with the existing set of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), the Two-Way Automatic Communication System (TWACS) and the Tattletale Alarming System.

SCADANexus’ speed of deployment assisted KEC in completing the project under the projected completion date, enabling KEC to more quickly improve energy production through monitoring data in real-time. In addition, SCADANexus’ mobility has helped KEC reduce man hours spent traveling to substation sites and improve reaction time to system alerts. All of which led KEC to achieve an ROI within one year.