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Westlands Water District

The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) was looking for a solution to monitor 100 remote pump sites in Fresno, California. The project would consist of USBR implementing the system within the Westlands Water District (WWD), after which WWD would take over managing the system. The primary challenge for USBR and WWD was that the water pump sites were in such remote areas that wired Internet connectivity was very limited and Cellular connectivity unreliable.

In 2005, USBR chose SCADANexus as the solution to monitor the status of these remote pump sites due to SCADANexus’ ability to leverage satellite communications for data collection. The Westlands Water District continues to use SCADANexus for metering, water level reporting and demand control. The automated data collection process improved the operational efficiency for USBR and WWD staff as they now have access to real-time data for better predictive water load and demand. The ability to monitor the remote pump sites through mobile devices has reduced reaction time and allowed USBR and WWD to manage California’s water resources more effectively.