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SCADA Nexus provides Situational Awareness across a variety of industries, bringing control to the mobile workforce and operational management to a new level previously unattainable.

Pump Control & Status, Tank Monitoring

WaterWater assets are often distributed over a wide geographical area to accommodate the requirements of moving that water to different parts of the city or county. Which can mean lots of travel time and possible cost savings. SCADA Nexus enables customers to not only automate the data collection of these remote assets, but provide that data – in context – to operators for efficient operations.

Field assets, such as pumps or tanks, provide data through SCADA Nexus to the Cloud Server where it can be accessed by a web browser on any PC, Laptop, Smart phone, tablet or iPad. This eliminates the need to make rounds to manually collect data from meters and pump stations. The flexibility of the SCADA Nexus solution means building expensive infrastructure to remote locations is no longer necessary, especially when you can rely on existing infrastructure such as Cellular networks.

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